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  Growing up in New York City, I’m used to a lot going on within a confined space. So I’d describe my art as a type of “Controlled Chaos”, with a Symbolic twist.

"I try not to put too much thought into a project before I do it.  I'm inspired by Images, Colors, and subject matter around me.  I've dabbled in Graffiti, Fashion, Comics and Abstract  work. But my interests and my Nature pull me towards Symbols and Symmetry.  My inspirations come from a wide variety of subjects. From Venetian Masks,  to eastern and western Mandala art, to Stained glass and the ever popular Rorschach Test,  you'll find elements of color, line and symmetry in my work .  Sometimes I will see a Symbol and see it as a Painting.  Sometimes I let the pieces take shape as I go.  Don’t ask me what “I” was thinking about while doing the piece. I prefer a person to look at a piece, and find what “they” see in the work. They’re never wrong if they see something that someone else doesn’t. That’s Art. And true art leaves a person feeling like they have a piece of Someone else they can relate to."     MR.


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